Family law

We are specialists in family law and possess expertise within the following areas:
– Divorce
– Home occupancy rights
– Child custody, child residence and child visitation rights
– Child maintenance
– Executional matters
– Custodian
– Mediator
– Paternity issues
– Estate division between spouses or partners
– Drawing up of wills, marriage contracts and cohabitation agreements
– Inheritance disputes


We help you, as a client, apply for legal protection or legal aid.

You can apply for legal protection through your home insurance. Legal protection covers most disputes, except for executional matters. The insurance company pays most of the costs for representation and the excess is 20-25%, depending on your insurance company. If your residence is somewhere other than Stockholm, you may incur travel costs which are not covered by legal protection.

If you are not entitled to legal protection, we can help you apply for legal aid. If you are granted legal aid, the state will pay most of the costs of representation. In order to apply for legal aid, you must almost always pay for a one-hour consultation costing SEK 1,342 excluding VAT.

You will then have an excess to pay. The excess varies between 2 and 40% and depends on your income and financial situation.

We also take on private cases and then usually charge an advance at the start of the case.